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3.0 star rating
93 reviews
Sushi Bars, Hot Pot, Buffets
Inner Sunset

Opened 7 weeks ago

4.0 star rating
7 reviews
Vietnamese, Bubble Tea
Outer Richmond

Opened 6 weeks ago

5.0 star rating
6 reviews
Himalayan/Nepalese, Indian
Alamo Square

Opened 6 weeks ago

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Let’s make Wednesday wine bars a thing 🍷

Picture this: It’s the end of the week. Maybe it’s just Wednesday. Either way, you’ve got a wine glass in your hand and a smile on your face. What kind of wine? That’s for you to decide—and these eight wine bars have just the glass just for you. Finally, Wednesdays have a purpose—wine bar Wednesday.

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Event Spotlight

2019 Mill Valley Film Festival

Known for launching new films and artists while creating awards season buzz, the Mill Valley Film Festival has earned a deserved reputation as a "Filmmaker's Festival" by celebrating the best in American, independent, and world cinema alongside high profile and prestigious award contenders in a welcoming, entertaining atmosphere. Over four decades, MVFF has evolved into a vital showcase for the global film community, attracting iconic red-carpet talent, emerging filmmakers, and passionate audiences. A destination event for film lovers, drawn by an exciting, diverse program of mainstream studio features and independent visions from around the world, set against the stunning backdrop of Northern California, MVFF also hosts an impressive array of panels, conversations, receptions, parties, and live music performances, spotlighting many of the most acclaimed and in-demand artists and industry professionals of our time. Get tickets, information, and updates at, or download our mobile app via Apple Store or Google Play. WHEN: Thursday, October 3 - Sunday, October 13, 2019 WHERE: Various movie theaters throughout Marin County

Thu, Oct 3, 10:00 am - Sun, Oct 13, 10:00 pm

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Katie W.
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Review of the Day
4.0 star rating

I've only been here twice now, but Tropisueno has quickly become one of my go-to's for a nice, sit down Mexican place when I'm near Westfield. The restaurant is always super crowded, but you don't really need to wait too long for a table. They have a cute little outdoor seating area that they light up with string lights and heat lamps to offset the cold: they even provide you blankets which are a really nice touch es... Continue reading

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