Video: Tucano Work_Out 3 Macbook Pro 15" and Ultrabook 15.6" Backpack

High-tech business backpack designed for MacBook Pro 15” or Ultrabook 15.6” and equipped with Tu-charge, the cable with a USB port integrated into the upper part of the left shoulder strap. Tu-charge allows you to recharge your smartphone straight from a power bank, which can be placed in a dedicated inside pocket. The Work_Out 3 backpack’s biggest advantage is in the concept of “wearable technology”, rendered even more effective by the small smartphone pocket in the lower part of the left shoulder strap. A spacious multitasker, the Work_Out 3 backpack features the iconic multi-functional pouch in a contrasting color, which can be completely pulled out when necessary to expand capacity. The interior compartment features an Anti-shock System to protect your laptop.

Featured » Tucano Work_Out 3 Macbook Pro 15" and Ultrabook 15.6" Backpack

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